The future for weed growers is an agitative one. Innovative companies like Snaphash, which I visited with today, are taking a forward-thinking approach to the centuries-old cannabis business. The accessible artefact aims to ensure higher yields, fewer problems, and an Instagram-like adeptness to show of your work to other craft or all-embracing growers.

What is it?


Snaphash is both an app and a accouterments product. The latter offers an iPhone module that aids your absolute camera in taking abstract macro images of your plants. It works, but it’s annihilation to write home about — yet, at least.

The application, however, is where the artefact shines. When opened, you’re met with a wall of images, like a sort of cannabis social arrangement — think Instagram, but for pot. The wall shows off your plants, as well as those of your accompany and allows you to like and animadversion much like you would on any other social network.

When paired with the camera, though, the wall of weed images takes on a altered approach. Dubbed “Bud Rx,” there’s an in-app belvedere for administration photos of ambiguous plants and trying to analyze what caused the issue. After uploading the photo, you’ll be met with the option to tag images and share with your association in an attack to fix what ails your sick plants.

You can also scan abeyant grow locations and a aggrandized reality-ish affection analyzes the site to give you the optimal area and setup to match the space.

Why is it important?


Marijuana is big business, and it’s only a matter of time before it scales into the most accepted cash crop in the United States. If you’re in a state where it’s legal, the app and accouterments artefact could give you a bit of advice in starting your grow — whether to move into a bigger site later, or to just ensure the affection and yield of each plant.

When’s it coming?

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