If you’re attractive for an efficient way to ascendancy your smart home … keep looking, because this absolutely funky cube is not the device you need.

What is it?

The NeoControl Cubee interface is a cube-shaped ambassador advised to be used with the NeoControl Pro smart home app. By alternating the cube, you can ascendancy assorted affiliated parts of your house.

You can affairs altered parts of the cube to ascendancy assorted things at once, from the lights to the TV to your curtains. As far as affected accessories go, it’s got amazing potential, because who wouldn’t love to turn off aggregate in their house by alternating a gadget like this?

What’s useful about it?

The better catechism might be, “What’s so funny about it?” Fiddling with the Cubee for a few account makes it look a little clumsy, if still nice to look at.

The rather agreeable — and accessible — downside of the cube is the abeyant to turn article off which you don’t want to turn off. This became abundantly clear during the demo, when a turn of the cube turned on a light but paused a video that was playing.

The Cubee looks awesome, but it might need some clarification before it’s able of the same things as other IoT ascendancy apps.

When is it available?

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