When I was a kid, a four-door car was advised a grocery-getter. Now, they’re active 10-second quarter-miles.

Tesla’s Model S P100D is a fast car. It’s fast enough, in fact, to have run a 10.726-second division mile, the fastest of any stock assembly electric car — or any four-door sedan for that matter.

Well, it the fastest. A Drag Times video shows a P100D active a 10.723 recently, and ambience a new record.

The video shows two P100D’s, actually: one hardly added than the other due to factory-installed options, like a sunroof. All told, these options made one of the two cars about 300 pounds heavier. The added of the two still ran a blisteringly-fast 10.875-second quarter-mile, just tenths of a second off the record.

The lighter car, though, managed to set a new one.

Aside from address weight, this P100D (both of them, actually) also ran Tesla’s newest firmware update, with the Ludicrous upgrade.

If you want to get super technical, Motor Trend managed to clasp a 10.5-second division mile run out of its test vehicle, only that one featured tires that weren’t widely accessible at the time. So in this case, we’re going to add an asterisk to the publication’s mark, although it’s still worth a mention.

The idea that a car can break it’s own speed record with just a software update is still kind of mind-blowing. It also shows the company may still be able to eek a few added tenths of a second off its own record, down the line.

Update: According to , addition P100D broke the record on the same day with a time of 10.638 seconds.

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