A patent created by Apple, and unearthed by Apple Insider, shows that the Cupertino giant is playing around with the idea of creating laptop-style advancing stations, that can hold an iPhone or iPad.

The first shows an iPhone that docks into a laptop, taking the place of a trackpad. In this example, the laptop acts as a dumb terminal, with all the computational leg-work taking place in the iPhone.


The other is less outlandish, and shows an iPad acting as the screen on a MacBook. Given that there are already keyboard cases for the iPad that carefully adhere to the laptop form factor, like the BrydgeAir, this one didn’t decidedly phase me all that much.


It’s worth emphasizing that the actuality of a patent doesn’t always mean that the aggregation is attractive at it seriously. Even still, it’s worth putting on your agnostic hat.

Firstly, the phone-that-turns-into-a-laptop amusement has been tried before, with bound success. The first notable aggregation to take a stab at this accurate artefact market was Motorola, with the Atrix 4G. This was most afresh followed by HP, with the Elite X3 Lapdock. Neither confused many units, on the annual of being too niche, and too expensive.

Then there’s the fact that the way people absorb phones, and the way people absorb laptops (particularly Apple laptops) are fundamentally different.

People tend to update their phones on a approved basis, with new upgrades acquired every year or two. While laptops have a much longer lifespan. Anecdotally, I know people who are still agreeable with their 2009 MacBook Pros, and even in 2017, they see no reason to upgrade.

Most laptop buyers just aren’t up for being trapped in a two-year backup cycle. And accept me, that’s what would happen if Apple morphed the iPhone with a MacBook.

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