IKEA is aperture smart home lighting up to the masses with an affordable accumulating of app-controlled lightbulbs.

The TRÅDFRI accumulating is a series of cheap smart lightbulbs and accessories. The lights only glow on the white spectrum. Features accommodate timers and color temperature control, which are pretty simplistic. The price point will no doubt make it ambrosial to IKEA’s admirers of cash-strapped twentysomethings (including me; hey, I own it).

The centerpiece of this new accumulating is the TRÅDFRI Aperture kit, a accumulating of two bulbs, remote, and aperture hub which connects aggregate to the app. Also in the TRÅDFRI accumulating is a motion sensor, and a tiny, annular remote that dims lights by being spun in your fingers.

TRÅDFRI lacks a lot of features — it’s definitely not as cool as the Aurora lights Napier was drooling over. But it’s cheaper than its competitors by a longshot. The Philips Hue Starter Kit costs $200 for three bulbs and a remote control, while the largest TRÅDFRI collection, the Gateway, is only $80.

Also, it’s accessible at , the most attainable big box store in the world. There’s no better way to argue doubters to buy a seemingly-frivolous item like smart lightbulbs than to put it amid the cheap desks and Swedish meatballs.

The TRÅDFRI app will be accessible at the end of the month. Presumably the rest of the accumulating will follow soon after.

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