Playing Dark Souls 3 is hard. Playing Dark Souls 3 with 10 bananas instead of a ambassador is, well, bananas.

Twitch banderole TheSuperScrubs has foregone sanity absolutely and attempted to play one of the most difficult games known to man with a custom-built banana ambassador — or banana array, as it were.


The array consists of 10 bananas, each with a single purpose mapped to frequently used keys and mouse buttons. There’s the archetypal WASD ascendancy system — up, down, left, right movement — a roll button, left and right mouse buttons, and others more specific to the game itself.

Using Makey Makey — a kit that allows you to remap buttons on ascendancy accessories to other, often odd items (like bananas) — and about $2 worth of parts, TheSuperScrubs is now able-bodied fruit and taking names while agronomics through Dark Souls 3.

He may have lost his mind, but at least he’s loading up on potassium.

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