Quick, do you know the aberration amid Danish and German pop? How about pointing out the nuances that shift EDM music from the deep neo-synthpop genre into tribal house?

Yeah, me neither.

Engineer Glenn McDonald, in an attack to chart altered types of music, created a website back in 2013 that brought calm over 500 genres and attempted to find the artists that best fit inside. Dubbed a “music intelligence platform,” McDonald’s creation, ‘Every Noise at Once,’ uses AI to help answer questions like, “what is rock?” Once the AI was dialed in to answer simpler queries, McDonald broadcast on it to find the answer to more abstruse questions, or genres, as it were. Now, his conception appearance over 1,500 genres, and some are quite obscure.

I mean, have you ever heard of indie poptimism, deep filthstep, or nu gaze?

McDonald’s algorithm has. And not only does it assort genres by others the agreeable stylings carefully align with, it provides an audio sample of each with a click. Or, you can click the arrow after aerial to see the artists that best fit inside based on aching Spotify data.

Here are just a few of the artists Every Noise at Once found for the bandit rap genre:


It’s not perfect, but it’s damn close.

And just like the main genre page, you can click each artist to get a sample of their sound. Or, you can click the double arrow to open a Spotify playlist of the called artist. And if you’re activity really adventurous, go to the main page and hit the scan button to listen to five second samples of each genre.

It’s absolutely got your weekend tunes covered.

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