Over two weeks ago, Trump put his final stamp of approval on Congress’ vote to repeal Obama-era internet aloofness regulations. ISPs can now accurately sell your internet browsing data to the accomplished bidder after your knowledge. Before you brace for hyper-targeted advertisements and unsolicited buying recommendations, accept that you can easily assure yourself.

If you’ve taken refuge in anonymous mode the past week, you’ve sadly been hiding in the wrong places. While anonymous mode will agreement that addition with concrete access to your computer, i..e. your concern cogent other, can’t view your celebrated browsing data, it will do little else. The first step to befitting your ISP from analytical your data is to bind your browsing to HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) sites only. Unfortunately, the abundance of the green lock emoticon (see upper left corner of abode bar) can only solve half the aloofness problem. HTTPS encrypts your action on any given website, but your ISP will still see what sites you’re visiting in the first place.

With activated VPN, your entire browsing history from your very first click advanced will appear as gibberish to your ISP. But with around bottomless options when it comes to purchasing a VPN, consumers must bear the burden of landing a accurate solution. And although they’re all likely to claim a “no logging” policy, a acute chump will be wary of the VPN he or she chooses to hand their data to on a silver platter.

Reputable VPNs like Private Internet Access back up their no-log claims with abundant awards, reviews, and acknowledging chump service. The price tag may be higher than some, but the exceptional account and stainless acceptability makes the juice well worth the squeeze. You can pick up this VPN cable from TNW Deals for 63% off – $59.95 for two years of service.

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