Google’s new AIY (DIY, but with AI) Voice Kit debuted less than a week ago, and already someone’s put calm the mother of all distractions with an automated candy dispenser.

The creator, Arduino Guy, describes the whole action with abundant instructions, and shows a beneath adaptation in the video above.

To make this bad boy, you need Google’s new Voice Kit with the Assistant SDK, a Raspberry Pi 3, and a Particle Photon. The setup instructions list a soldering iron and 3D printer, acceptation this isn’t for the faint-of-heart. Considering the candy is dispensed through a almost narrow tube, it looks like small pieces of candy, like the M&Ms the architect uses, are ideal.

In its completed form, the accoutrement responds to claps and voice. The dispensing accoutrement works via an IFTTT applet abutting Assistant’s Voice Kit with the Photon receiver. You can affairs altered responses to the catechism “How much candy?” That seems a little pointless, though, because the actual answer is always “A LOT.” A sensor detects when a cup is under the spout and will allocate the candy.

Creating article to automatically allocate tasty treats is assuredly the most important use of this adult technology. I’m only afraid it took a whole two weeks to appear.

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