Stack up all the hard drives and flash sticks you want, but online accumulator space is still a exceptional commodity. Without some approved absorption to accumulator room on your phone, tablet or laptop, you’ll likely to find stuff bottleneck up your device.

Rather than slow your tech to a crawl, just start allocation through all the stockpiled videos, images, abstracts and other low-priority agenda agreeable and push it to your 1TB of cloud space from Zoolz Dual Cloud Accumulator (now just $29 from TNW Deals).

Purchase your piece of cloud real estate, then take a minute to decide whether to store your data in your 500GB of burning access accumulator or in your 500GB cold accumulator locker for data you don’t use very often. No matter what you decide, your files are fully adequate behind military-grade AES-256 encryption.

Meanwhile, Zoolz also helps keep your system active fast and clutter-free with automated backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention, and more.

Using 1TB of cloud accumulator space for life would commonly cost you about $3,600, but while this bound time deal lasts, you can stake out that cloud space for yourself for only $29.

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