Nintendo’s Switch animate has been adopting eyebrows since it was announced, thanks to a aggregate of great games and adventurous presentation. But it does have a number of austere limitations, and — if a new angle is annihilation to go by — third parties are going to have to get artistic to get around them.

The Switch’s paid online account includes voice chat, an accepted part of modern online gaming. Trouble is, because Nintendo can’t do annihilation in a agnate appearance to Sony and Microsoft, the voice chat won’t be accessible through the Switch animate itself. Instead it would come via a smartphone app that lets you absorb social media in some way — we don’t know the specifics yet.

Have you spotted the problem? If you’re declared to listen to your teammates via your phone, how can you hear game audio? You could listen via the TV speakers, but that’s not a viable band-aid for everyone. Whenever I’ve encountered a bearings like that, I’ve nested one of my earbuds beneath my gaming headset, but that gets me characterless sound quality.

These headphones, made by HORI, are advised to bridge that gap — literally. The angle comes with a splitter, one for active in your smartphone, and the other for active in your Switch. Being kind, it’s an beatnik solution. Being kind, it looks like a mess.

It also will only work if the Switch is in handheld mode, as the audio port for the Switch is on the tablet. Unless the cord is 20 feet long, or your Switch is docked right next to your elbow, it’s going to be extra-awkward trying to get the headphones to work any other way.

Every way you look at this headset, and the ambagious online setup that created it, more questions arise. It begs the questions: Why can’t the Switch’s voice chat app be put on the Switch as well? While befitting the chat and social appearance from interfering with the game audio might seem cleaner, all it does is overcomplicate article that other consoles have simplified.

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