Anybody wanna see a kill screen? Okay, so the game doesn’t have a kill screen, but thanks to Microsoft we’re able to see what happens when someone, in this case something, scores one actor points. Zero is what happens, as in the game flips over to a nil score.


While the end result may be anti-climactic, the fact that 35 years after the game’s absolution we assuredly have avant-garde technology enough to score one actor points in  is absolutely pretty cool.

Games may not be the most absorbing way of demonstrating it, but this is addition archetype of how teaching machines to learn can help us to break boundaries. Today it’s ; tomorrow computers might be addition out how to gobble up cancer cells in people instead of ghosts in machines.

As bogus intelligence continues to advance we may eventually see an end to the comparisons amid the feats of man and the feats of machine; which are one in the same, really. For now, however, anyone befitting score knows it isn’t attractive good for team human.

Deep Blue beat us at chess, the robots have taken our money in poker, and our future overlords now own the top spot on . Take that meat-bags.

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