Nervous about our automatic future, some parents are blame kids as young as two into coding classes. This level of activity from parents is admirable. They are, after all, only gluttonous to ensure success in a world more being swallowed by automation.

But as a recent piece points out: it may be absolutely misplaced.

Instead, advisers and educators argue, kids need to be taught axiological skills that apply no matter which career path they select: collaboration, problem-solving, and empathy.

Ken Goldberg, administrator in engineering at UC Berkeley told the :

It’s a real misnomer that simply acquirements to code is the answer. We don’t need everybody to be acutely able Python coders. It’s a way of compassionate what machines are good at and what they’re not good at — that’s article everybody needs to learn.

Kids should be to technology, but not beaten over the head with it.

Researchers agree most accouchement learn better by arena and building, rather than abstract teaching. It’s one reason some European countries are switching to teaching after appointment or memorization, one that emphasizes play and analysis above all else. And before you write off this forward-thinking access as left-wing nonsense, you should know that they’re blame our ass in every allusive metric.

So maybe we just chill on the coding toddlers thing, yeah?

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