Scientists have created a smartphone accent that can test liquid samples for disease. The device is called a , it costs $550, and it puts a medical testing class in the palm of your hand.

Researchers at the University of Illinois created the spectral-analysis device using a 3D-printer and and some able engineering. The device can action samples of blood, saliva, or urine using the light from your phone’s flash, and the optics from its camera. It’s also highly adaptable. Project administrator Professor Brian Cunningham said:

It’s able of assuming the three most common types of tests in medical diagnostics, so in practice, bags of already-developed tests could be acclimatized to it.

The implications of inexpensive, on-demand, consumer-led testing are immense. Patients who can’t travel to labs would be able to accommodate doctors with test results. Clinics after access to full-sized labs could accommodate centralized testing after purchasing big-ticket equipment.

Researchers also accept the device will be able to action drug tests, so no more cat-and-mouse to get hired — or fired, no judgement. It’ll also have applications in ecology ecology and food safety.

One step closer to medical tricorder, next up we’ll take the food replicator please!