You can watch live alive video from absolutely every corner of the globe. You can Skype with accompany and assembly around anywhere. Heck, you can jump on a plane and be absolutely continuing on almost any point on Earth within a matter of hours. With our world accepting abate by the day, it’s never been more important to learn how to acquaint with your fellow Earthlings, which means adding accession accent or two to your toolkit.

Thankfully, it’s also never been easier to access those linguistic skills, thanks to training like this lifetime cable to uTalk Accent Education, which you can pick up now for as low as $19.99 from TNW Deals.

With the advantage of video and recordings of actual native speakers, your training dumps the old middle school accent arts class in favor of a modern acquirements approach. You’ll drill on key accustomed words, phrases and accepted ability that’ll not only have you abreast in accession tongue but able to speak it with the acquaintance and accustomed accentuation of a native.

Technology pushes advanced again as you test your new-found skills with admired speaking games geared toward testing your progress. In accession to charting your achievement, the training also helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses with your new language.

Best of all, you can study your uTalk acquaint anywhere on around any device. Log in and you can pick up your training wherever you are, whenever you’ve got the time.

From the old favorites like Spanish and French to more exotic options like Mandarin or Arabic, you’ve got more than 130 languages to choose from. You can either pick a lifetime of training in a single accent ($19.99), a six-language pack ($29.99), a 12-language European accumulating ($49.99), or a massive 22-language array accoutrement all of Europe, and Asia ($99.99). That’s all from 69 percent to over 90 percent off your usual prices for uTalk’s admired training packages.

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