PureVPN, one of many basic clandestine arrangement providers claiming not to keep logs or anecdotic advice of its users was active in the arrest of a Massachussetts man on Friday. The logs, which PureVPN claims don’t exist, were used to track and arrest 24-year-old Ryan Lin.

Lin is accused of stalking ex-roommate, Jennifer Smith, also 24.

According to PureVPN’s aloofness policy:

We Do Not monitor user action nor do we keep any logs. We accordingly have no record of your activities such as which software you used, which websites you visited, what agreeable you downloaded, which apps you used, etc. after you affiliated to any of our servers.

Yet, according to abstracts acquired by , these logs do, in fact, exist. And not only do they exist, they were active in bringing an declared bent to justice.

The certificate reads:

 Further, annal from PureVPN show that the same email accounts–Lin’s gmail annual and the teleportfx gmail account–were accessed from the same WANSecurity IP address.  Significantly, PureVPN was able to actuate that their annual was accessed by the same chump from two basic IP addresses: the RCN IP abode from the home Lin was living in at the time, and the software aggregation where Lin was active at the time.

Tracking action from April of this year most absolutely appropriate PureVPN to have kept some kind of log, logs it apparently maintains to this day — behindhand of what the terms of annual would have you believe.

In fairness, the man snagged by the FBI is almost absolutely a scumbag who belongs in jail, if the allegations are true. This is a man who once accessed Smith’s “Rover” annual — an online pet sitting annual that matches sitters with pets — and told a accepted pet-sitting client of hers: “Hey I’m so sorry to tell you this but Wink [a cat] is dead. I had a panic attack aback and smothered Wink to death. I’ll pack her charcoal in a ziploc [sic] bag and you can come pick her up. Sorry!”

Imagine accepting that bulletin on vacation from the person watching your pets.

Worse, Lin allegedly doxed Smith, cyberstalked her accompany and family, appear sexually absolute photographs online, appear clandestine account entries account sexual encounters, and created a fake contour for her on a BDSM site that facilitates sexual encounters — advertence she was absorbed in assuming a rape fantasy.

This is not a nice guy we’re talking about, allegedly.

Still, PureVPN has an obligation to keep these capacity private, as much as we want people like Lin held answerable for their actions. The bulk of privacy-conscious individuals aren’t Lin, nor do they seek added anonymity for awful reasons. Instead, the most common reasons, according to market-research firm , are:

  • To access ball agreeable from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • To access networks and sites belted in assertive countries
  • To retain anonymity while browsing
  • To acquaint with accompany and family abroad

And so on…

As many as one in four web users rely on a VPN, and unless you accept more than 800 actor people common are using one for abominable reasons, that’s a lot of privacy-conscious individuals that could be let down by companies like PureVPN. Lin aside, for PureVPN to deceive barter into assertive they hold some level of anonymity online, while secretly logging their actions, is criminal.

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