If you want to break into the fraternity of coders — and get paid for that ability — then you should acerb accede making Python one of your first programming priorities. Python is easy to learn, easy to use, integrates well with other programming languages, and focuses on allowance you finish your build.

Those affairs points also apply when you set up networks and arrangement accessories using Python. Now, you can learn how to make Python work for you, even if you’re a complete novice, with the Python Arrangement Programming bundle. It’s accessible right now for only $24 from TNW Deals.

This amalgamation includes three courses geared toward accepting you up to speed on Python and all of its varied uses. With Python Arrangement Programming: Build 7 Python Apps, you’ll get the ground floor apprenticeship that helped 10,000 acceptance learn the basics of this able accent and its networking implications. Along the way, you’ll build seven useful networking tools, including a subnet calculator and an app for configuring arrangement accessories accordingly with SSH or Telnet.

Next, you’ll move on to accepting a arrangement absolutely up and active with Python Arrangement Programming: Multivendor Environment. This hands-on training takes you through step-by-step methods for using Python to affairs arrangement accessories and automate basic and avant-garde tasks. You’ll learn how to link accessories together, get them alive in unison, and even access and run the whole arrangement accidentally using Python script.

Finally, Python Arrangement Programming: Scapy and Security Tools will help you build the means to assure your arrangement with tools you accumulate yourself. With Python and the able Scapy programming tool, you’ll get script to help you craft monitors and other scanning defenses to help analyze arrangement vulnerabilities and close those holes before they’re exploited.

Together, it’s over 28 hours of apprenticeship valued at almost $700 — and you can get it for only $24 with this bound time offer.

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