Elon’s little car aggregation just sent a advance update to shareholders absolution them know the Tesla Semi would be apparent on November 16th, and its cars Autopilot AI software was accepting an advancement that’ll bring them closer to full autonomy. Big things are blow for the company, even if balance aren’t absolutely wowing investors.

In the certificate the aggregation appear that updates to AI software were nearly ready for launch:

We abide to update our Autopilot software and afresh made cogent improvements to the Autosteer function. The Tesla AI team, which is axiological to accomplishing full autonomy, adequate badly this year, with a number of the world’s best AI engineers and advisers abutting our company.

Tesla goes on to say that the goal of freedom – cars that don’t need people – was closer than ever:

Now that the foundation of the Tesla vision neural net is right, which was an awfully difficult problem, as it must fit into far less accretion power than is about used, we expect a rapid rollout of added functionality over the next several months and are advanced rapidly appear our goal of a coast-to-coast drive with no one affecting the controls.

Earlier this year an analysis into a fatal blow involving Tesla’s Autopilot software appear the agent failed to apply its congenital safety appearance due to an image apprehension issue. While the car itself did not cause the accident, it failed to anticipate it – and the aggregation has worked to ensure that doesn’t happen it again.

Tesla stock alone a little over 3-percent division over quarter, the letter stated, citing assembly woes. It predicts a agnate trend for division 4 due to an accepted billion dollar amount to meet a anniversary acquittal on the Model 3, and added expand projects such as its Supercharger network.

Finally, the aggregation added teased the long accessible Tesla Semi:

At the actualization of the Tesla Semi on November 16, 2017, we will authenticate just how acute electric drive will be for the global trucking industry. We look advanced to assuming you article truly incredible.

The Tesla Semi, an electric big rig, has the abeyant to agitate America’s assurance on fossil fuels, or at least added the cause. We can’t wait to see what the truck of the future can do.

From where we’re sitting it looks like Musk and aggregation are right on pace for a truly driverless car by 2021 – and it wouldn’t be hasty to see that adapted to 2019 or 2020 before the end of this year.

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