Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, economics, and anesthetic aggregate in Stockholm last week for the Nobel Week and Nobel Prize Awards ceremony. Apart from the Nobel Prize winners announcement, other agitative news came along – HTC VIVE and Nobel Media appear a affiliation to create the first basic absoluteness (VR) acquaintance for the Nobel Prize in Analysis or Medicine.

Understanding circadian rhythms through VR

The VR acquaintance “The Circadian Rhythm” takes admirers on a adventure into the cellular level of the human body, where they are able to collaborate with the biological clock to get a better compassionate of how it works.

The theme of “The Circadian Rhythm” visualizes the work of three American scientists that won this year’s Nobel prize in analysis or anesthetic for their discoveries of atomic mechanisms authoritative the circadian rhythm.

Through the VR experience, anyone can learn about how plants, animals, and humans adapt their biological rhythm so that it is synchronized with day cycles. The full free acquaintance is accessible globally on Viveport and at the Nobel Museum starting in 2018.

“Together, with HTC VIVE, we are creating unique VR adventures that advertise important moments and acquaint that the world can account from,” said Mattias, Fyrenius, CEO Nobel Media. “‘The Circadian Rhythm’ is addition great attestation to how arising technologies like VR can accommodate an unparalleled acquaintance and moment of learning.”

“We accept that the mysteries of our analysis and the world of physics can best be explored when you acquaintance the advance achievements of Nobel Prize Laureates in VR – brainstorm being in a cell and see the biological clock at work or at the alpha of time when the Big Bang happens,” said Rikard Steiber, President, Viveport.

This activity demonstrates the HTC VIVE’s charge to integrating virtual absoluteness technology in educating and science and agreeable the public in the world around us. VIVE afresh launched VIVE Arts, an action set to change the way the world creates and engages with the arts. VIVE’s affiliation with Nobel Media added demonstrates the power VR has in abstraction the way we brainwash and acknowledge important concepts.

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