In the here-today-gone-tomorrow world of altcoins, why not join the fray yourself?

Forkgen gives you the option to create a fork of Bitcoin, like Bitcoin Cash, or to create a new altcoin out of thin air. Because in a world of shitcoins, what’s one more?

Born of a desire to “allow addition to break free of the axial planning stranglehold,” Forkgen aims to ease the barrier to entry for those gluttonous to create their own fork on the Bitcoin blockchain. Most of the abstruse work is done behind the scenes, but you’ll need “advanced ability in the Bitcoin Core software.”


For beginners, this apparently isn’t the band-aid you’re attractive for. Also, for beginners, what the hell are you doing trying to create your own fork in the first place?

You’ll need to know how to abridge the source, as well as troubleshoot it once you accordingly screw article up. And the architect makes no guarantees as to the level of abutment he or she is accommodating to offer — aside from accepting you set up in the event the automatic build fails after you’ve made acquittal (0.0100 BTC).

As the website says, this is “interactive achievement art.” It makes no guarantees about its own code, or Bitcoin Core software. Approach with caution.

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