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ved and used separately, a la Microsoft’s Apparent Pro and other two-in-one devices. It also says the device’s main screen would be an OLED affectation with the accessory device being an LCD screen.


It’s an absorbing idea, one that could turn the space once aloof for typing into a highly configurable workspace with abundant options for artists, video editors, and casual web browsers. Apple’s Pencil, for example, could be used as a primary input device on a MacBook, and artists could make use of agenda tuning knobs, color palettes, and cartoon tools that make better use of the space below the main screen.

But it’s also banishment users to type on a flat apparent after the concrete feel of concrete keys. So, there’s that.

As usual, it’s worth reminding anybody that a patent is just an idea, and one that is appropriately likely to end up in the trash as on a future Apple product. And this one, honestly, seems more likely for the former than the latter — at least until addition abstracts out a way to make flat keys “feel” like real ones.

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