Top trending tech news:

???? The UK’s online porn age check has been delayed (BBC)

???? HQ Trivia gave out its largest prize yet (TNW)

???? The US aggressive might begin drafting hackers (TNW)

What we’re talking about:

Device makers need to STOP IT WITH THE ROSE GOLD.

Meet the assembly artist behind ‘s Afrofuturist world.


Be accurate with your duckface — cybercriminals are affairs victim’s selfies on the dark web.

Jeff Bezos says he’ll spend his ‘Amazon action winnings’ on space travel. If Jeff is flying the rocket, I call shotgun.

Amazon now lets you talk to Alexa after saying ‘Hey Alexa’ EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Proof that Björk needs her own tech show:

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Tweet of the day:

#NeverForget this 2016 gem from the President of Mexico:

Love you, mean it!

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