Our April Fools joke failed.

Top trending tech news:

???? Grindr apparent user HIV statuses to third-parties (TNW)

???? Apple intends to ditch Intel processors by 2020 (TNW)

???? Zuckerberg clapped back at Tim Cook’s comments (BBC)

What we’re talking about:

South Africa has an untouched $10M for internet accessibility. This money could be acute in closing the agenda gender divide.

Tesla’s biggest botheration is human error. (So was your mother’s ??)


Nearly 40% of gamers play at work.

A white paper released by the US Army reveals how it plans to deploy AI in future wars, and it reads like a list of kill-streak perks in a  game.

Rant of the day: In-app browsers are annoying and mostly useless.

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Love you, mean it!

<3 TNW Editorial

April 2nd is the new April 1st

A lot of you were puzzled by yesterday’s newsletter, where we declared arresting tech news accessories and then linked to archetypal novels. April Fools!

But then we accidentally sent it out on the wrong day… it was declared to be F U N N Y. Your abashed emails did make us laugh though, so mission accomplished:

At least one of you gets us…

Back to business…

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