These days, it seems that consumers are accommodating to share just about aggregate in an effort to save a bit of their own money or to earn article extra. From renting a bike to get around in urban areas to monetizing your car as a Lyft driver, it seems like almost anybody has gotten complex in the administration abridgement in one way or another.

But the administration abridgement isn’t after its limitations, abnormally when it comes to abyssal an more global marketplace. Most administration companies crave cash and credit card payments to action transactions, and when going international, such purchases will after be subjected to a deluge of transaction fees.

Blockchain technology has already made waves globally thanks to its adeptness to facilitate all-embracing affairs after those added expenses. Now, ShareRing seeks to bring blockchain and the administration abridgement calm by creating a one-of-a-kind belvedere that could accommodate the way we share goods and services.

The birth of ShareRing

ShareRing is the abstraction of Australian founders Tim Bos, Neville Christie, Peter David, and Rohan Le Page, who had the idea of creating a agenda exchange for the administration economy.

Three of the four founders had ahead worked calm as part of addition administration abridgement startup, Keaz, which functioned as a car-sharing account for global companies.

Today, that aggregation has accustomed over 300 locations across the globe, but the team felt that there was more they could achieve within the administration abridgement to reduce waste and advance the chump experience. The ultimate goal was to create a exchange that was as acceptable and convenient as e-commerce giants like Amazon.

The advance came with surging absorption in the blockchain. The adeptness to use smart contracts alone many of the team’s antecedent apropos about creating a administration abridgement marketplace, such as how to facilitate secure affairs or reduce the fees associated with all-embracing bill transfers.

With the right technology in place, the ShareRing team was ready to begin work on what had been their goal all along — creating a single space where users could go to borrow, share or rent articles and services.

Making an impact

While blockchain and cryptocurrency may seem complicated to the boilerplate consumer, the goal behind ShareRing’s belvedere is to make the use of such technology easy and stress-free for consumers and businesses alike. It doesn’t matter what type of artefact or account a user wants to share — administration abridgement businesses can facilitate aggregate from petsitting to parking in addition else’s driveway.

As with other blockchain startups, ShareRing uses its own unique token (SharePay) to facilitate payments. This allowances both barter and administration abridgement businesses by allowance them bypass all-embracing transaction fees while also accepting burning acceptance of their transactions.

With secure accumulator of all data in the blockchain as well as seamless character verification, there also isn’t a risk of having one’s tokens used after their knowledge.

Creating an easy-to-use belvedere is a axial goal of ShareRing’s team. In this sense, ShareRing seeks to be like Amazon and other e-commerce giants, giving users the adeptness to find whatever they’re attractive for in an aesthetically adorable layout.

By partnering with a wide range of administration abridgement companies both big and small, this belvedere makes it far easier to affix users to the businesses whose casework they need.

The ShareRing app is how the aggregation seeks to achieve this goal. Using GPS technology, the app will highlight which administration abridgement casework are nearby, acceptance users to bound find a business that meets their needs.

ShareRing ally will have the abandon to add their own functionalities within the app, creating customizable adventures that help them better appeal to abeyant customers. Despite being based on blockchain technology, this app will make the user acquaintance as simple as a acceptable online transaction.


The future of the administration economy

ShareRing ultimately seeks to create a win-win bearings for consumers and administration abridgement companies alike. Everyday barter will be able to use their native bill to buy tokens and complete purchases, even while traveling abroad. Administration abridgement companies will gain added afterimage and advantage by having their casework offered through an Amazon-style platform.

Creating a “one-stop shop” for the administration abridgement is an aggressive activity — but it is one the team at ShareRing is acutely able to handle. Indeed, development has proceeded bound for ShareRing, which now has staff in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries. The aggregation currently holds partnerships with Keaz, Byd, Yoogo, and DJI, and will advertise more ally in the coming weeks.

An antecedent advance round raised AU$3.8 actor in alertness for an accessible token sale, which aims to raise over AU$60 million.

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