If you’ve been using PGP or S/MIME to deeply send and accept acute emails, you’ll want to stop using them right away, as a group of European advisers have found vulnerabilities in both standards.

The aegis flaws that have been apparent could potentially leak the capacity of the encrypted letters you send and accept via email when signed with PGP or S/MIME encryption methods.

The admonishing comes from a group of aegis advisers in Europe, from Münster University, Ruhr-University, and KU Leuven University, and its associates have ahead appear the Drown attack that afflicted some 11 actor HTTPS sites back in 2016.

The group will broadcast a analysis paper account the vulnerability on Tuesday; it notes that there’s no fix just yet, and that you’ll want to attenuate PGP plugins in your email client of choice until we have more information.

Your best bet for secure advice at this point would likely be an encrypted messaging app like Signal.

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