Seattle’s City Board afresh accustomed a admeasurement to impose new taxes on the city’s better employers. Under the new law, companies earning more than $20 actor in annual acquirement would be appropriate to pay $275 per agent each year. Amazon’s share alone could bring in more than $10 actor annually with its 40,000 employees.

All told, the new plan — which was accustomed with a 9-0 vote — could inject $50 actor annually into the city’s economy.

In a abstracted vote yesterday, the board accustomed (5-4) spending two-thirds of the new tax acquirement to build and accomplish low-income apartment units. This would ease some of the burden of the city’s growing abandoned population. In recent years, the number of abandoned individuals has ballooned to more than 11,000 in King County, with the vast majority of those residing inside the city limits of Seattle. According to a report by , it’s a botheration that would crave around $400 actor to address.

Fueled by a citizenry boom in recent years — its second such boom in the last decade — Seattle is now active into the same botheration faced by its contemporaries: a lack of affordable housing. As such, many abandoned individuals are bounced from place to place, or forced to live on the street while gluttonous affordable apartment within the city.

It’s a botheration not at all unlike those other West Coast cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, are currently facing.

Of Seattle’s better administration — a group that includes Nintendo, Microsoft, and Expedia — two stand to be hit the hardest: Amazon and Starbucks. Amazon vice admiral Drew Herdner, told the aggregation was “disappointed” and that it remained “very afraid about the future created by the council’s adverse access and address toward larger businesses, which forces us to catechism our growth here.” He went on to say that the “city does not have a acquirement botheration — it has a spending ability problem.”

For Amazon, it should prove hard to play the victim in its home city. It’s a company, after all, that paid zero dollars in federal income taxes on $5.6 billion in acquirement last year. During that span, its architect Jeff Bezos rocketed past other affluent elites to become the richest man in the world, with a net worth of about $108 billion.

There’s also the Republican tax plan passed late last year. Thanks to politicians’ affectionate ear when it comes to the plight of the rich, Amazon will pocket an estimated $789 actor this year, easily offsetting the $10 actor it’ll pay Seattle to advance the city it calls home.

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