One of the first things you notice about Amsterdam are the bikes. They’re everywhere: peppering the roads, overflowing from bike racks and, regularly, bottleneck up the canals. For addition who has grown up in the UK, it’s not simply the 881,000 bikes in the city that are shocking. It’s the fact no one wears helmets. The affidavit behind this are multifaceted, but one aggregation is attractive to change this.

The Hövding is an airbag-style bike helmet advised in Sweden that aims to be unobtrusive, while alms above aegis compared to acceptable equipment. The catechism is: do the Dutch public care? We took the Hövding to the streets of Amsterdam to find out.

Oh, and we set it off in a trampoline park, of course. Watch the whole thing below.

Using the Hövding was a breeze. It was easy to put on and was decidedly adequate for article that looks a bit like a fancy dog collar.

The technology inside it is also pretty cool. The airbag is deployed when the accelerometer in the Hövding detects the type of movement accomplished in a bike crash, article the aggregation pumped time into tracking and trialling. Each Hövding also has a black box in it, which the aggregation analyses after each blow to advance the experience.

You can see an archetype of this in the video. We tried ambience it off with a jump to the side, but it wasn’t until my body was more aerial that it absolutely inflated. When this happened, there was a strong, bitter, and gas-like smell from the device and, in a split second, my head was durably encased. It felt both absorbing and safe. And, to be honest, kinda freaky.


There are some audacious issues with the Hövding and the public picked up on them: price and re-use. €299 is a lot of money for a single use item, even though many insurers will cover its cost if you get into an accident. Maybe if you do acquirement a Hövding, ambiguous up for a bit of allowance isn’t the worst idea in the world.

The fact that it needs to be answerable to accomplish – which isn’t hasty when you accede the tech inside – feels… strange. There’s article about having to charge a helmet that seems counter-intuitive, abnormally when you don’t really see it using the power.

We also have to accede the cultural attitude to helmets. Judging by the Dutch public’s acknowledgment to the device, it seems absurd that the Hövding will gain absorption in countries after a helmet habit or strict cycling laws.

So, who’s it for?

Basically, addition who really, really hates approved helmets, but still wants to be safe. The Hövding is unobtrusive, adequate and, importantly, won’t mess up your admirable bouffant while cycling. And, you know, it’ll assure you pretty well too.

Myself? It was fun to use, but I’m apparently not going to shell out for one too soon. It is cool though.

If you’ve been attractive for a novel way to look after your noggin, you can buy the Hövding here.

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