A Portland couple afresh contacted Amazon chump abutment after an Echo smart apostle secretly recorded a clandestine chat and sent it to a person on their contacts list. Lucky for them, they were talking about balk floors at the time.

But it’s still bad: They found out Alexa was concern on them after one of the husband’s advisers called them to say they’d just accustomed an odd communication: a recording of a chat amid the couple.

According to a report from Seattle CBS associate Danielle, who asked her last name be withheld, said they didn’t accept it at first. But after the almsman sent her the actual recordings, she then “felt invaded.”

It gets worse: Amazon’s abutment cadre didn’t shed any light on how or why this happened. Danielle claims she was told that engineers went through all the logs to see what happened, and they’re very sorry, but she’s been given no explanation.

Amazon accepted the adventure with , but reportedly hasn’t offered up any explanations. We’ve also accomplished out to find out the extent of the problem.

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