Ever said article really abhorrent in an online chat? Like, I’m talking a account so lip curlingly afflictive that, as soon as you apprenticed ‘send,’ you felt shame distill down your neck like a raw egg made of pure affectionate disappointment?

Luckily for some of us, Snapchat now lets you delete letters you’ve sent anon to accompany or in a group chat.

It’s a pretty automatic system. You press and hold on the message, at which point an option menu comes up and you can select ‘delete.’

See it in action here:


This new affection – which is rolling out globally over the next few weeks – also notifies others in the chat when a bulletin is deleted. Snapchat itself says the action is so people who have “accidentally sent a movie spoiler” or want to “clean up a bulletin that contains a typo,” can adjust their mistake.

Hopefully, it won’t be a tool for people to abuse each other and then claim they didn’t (remember to take screenshots of abhorrent content, folks).

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