Have you ever heard of a bat-friendly city? Me neither. But the Dutch town of Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop is claiming to be the first – and allegedly only – bat-friendly town in the world. The town is home to many rare and accessible plant and animal species, among them a number of rare bat-species.

And apparently, bats, although being blind, are agitated by streetlights. The light that’s emitted from archetypal streetlights disturbs bats’ centralized sensors and rhythms and affects their agriculture patterns, inner compass, and accepted nocturnal behavior. Bats about feed on a array of insects, and these tend to swarm around lights.

Signify (the new aggregation name of Philips Lights, since May 2018) has developed the appropriate streetlights used in Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop. Along with the University of Wageningen and other NGO’s active in conservation, they’ve advised the appropriate light recipe that emits a red color and uses a amicableness that doesn’t baffle with bat’s centralized ambit and lets them feed undisturbed.

The lights, being both benign for bats and humans alike, are also proving to be acutely energy saving, and is accordingly also a big plus for the ambiance and the town’s carbon footprint. The lights are affiliated LED lights that can be controlled remotely. This means that if there is one accurate adjacency in need of more or less light, this can be adapted as needed.

Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop, due to their specific accustomed surroundings, is keen on being a acceptable town. The town and its surrounding area are part of the nature-protection arrangement Natura 2000, which protects ancestry and nesting areas for rare and threatened breed all over Europe.

In 2011, the town took the action to build 89 new houses according to the accomplished accessible sustainability standards. From this action came the accommodation to create appropriate streetlights, advised to not afflict the bat breed also inhabiting the area.

Guus Elkhuizen, City Council Member in the Nieuwkoop municipality, said:

Nieuwkoop is the first town in the world to use smart LED street lights that are advised to be affable to bats. When developing our unique apartment program, our goal was to make the activity as acceptable as possible, while attention our local bat breed with basal impact on their abode and activities. We’ve managed to do this while befitting our carbon brand and energy burning to a minimum.

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