Metallic armament flying faster than bullets; the Space Shuttle burst to pieces; astronauts killed or ejected into space. The culprit? Space debris – debris of a Russian accessory blown up by a Russian missile. The one survivor, Ryan Stone, has to find her way back to Earth with oxygen food declining and the abutting viable aircraft hundreds of miles away.

Over on Mars, 20 years in the future, an analysis mission from Earth is going wrong. An epic dust storm forces the crew to carelessness the planet, abrogation behind an astronaut, Mark Watney, who is accepted dead. He has to figure out how to grow food while apprehension rescue.

Hollywood knows how to alarm and affect us about outer space. Movies like Gravity (2013) and The Martian (2015), present space as adverse and capricious – spelling danger for any audacious human who dares to adventure alfresco Earth’s accessible confines.