IBM may have the most forward-thinking agent achievement review system around. Rather than simply judge advisers on what they’ve already done, the aggregation uses its Watson AI to adumbrate what they’re going to do in the future.

How it works: Predicting the future is right inside of Watson’s wheelhouse. In this case it isn’t free whether you’re going to win the action and quit, it’s using aggregation data to make analytic projections about alone performance.

Why it’s cool: IBM has 380,000 advisers worldwide. That’s a lot of achievement reviews for human managers to handle, and a massive time advance if they’re going to give them the analysis they deserve.

Watson could, theoretically, give each alone a absolute appraisal based on every scrap of advice available, in a atom of the time it would take humans. And the data generated is what it uses to fuel its predictions for future performance.

According to a report from , IBM claims Watson predicts future agent achievement with 96 percent accuracy.

What’s next: IBM wants Watson everywhere. It’s been to the Grammys and outer space, and the next stop could be your company. But at least an AI apparently won’t discount your recent training, forget about your strong sales in the first quarter, or hold the fact that you’re a Yankees fan adjoin you.

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