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ves any trace of accession in the system.”

While Trend Micro has been unable to link back the attack to a specific country, it notes the installer uses Cyrillic. In all fairness, Cyrillic seems to be pretty accepted among cryptocurrency criminals.

The cryptocurrency mining malware epidemic

Back at the alpha of 2018, aegis experts warned that crypto-jacking scripts are accepted to breed in all sorts of abrupt places.

Indeed, this year we’ve seen hackers sneak in cryptocurrency malware via Adobe Flash updates, routers, and bags of bartering and authoritative sites,

In the latest high-profile crypto-jacking case, last week a Canadian university was forced to briefly kill its entire arrangement after it apparent pesky hackers had been burglary its accretion power to secretly mine Bitcoin.

Factoring in the scale of cryptocurrency mining malware, it is no abruptness that letters advance crypto-jackers are profiting more than $250,000 each month.

Published November 8, 2018 — 15:20 UTC

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