Last week, owners of select LG and Samsung phones using AT&T arrangement got a software update that afflicted the “4G” icon in their status bar to “5GE” (E stands for Evolution). In reality, AT&T hasn’t really deployed a 5G arrangement yet – it’s just renaming LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro to 5GE.

That’s as ambiguous as it gets. AT&T issued the update to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the LG V30, and the V40, and the changelog noted just a single item: “5G Evolution indicator abutment added.”

The carrier said it’ll brand the real 5G with mmWare technology as “5G .” Right now, AT&T doesn’t have any device on its roster that boasts actual 5G capabilities.

Competitor arrangement T-mobile absitively to make fun of this advertisement by tweeting a video of a person announcement a sticky note saying “9G” on their phone.