Bellevue, Washington-based game studio Bungie – which created the massively accepted and franchises – is departing ways with its publisher, Activision, after eight years together. It’s befitting the rights to , though.

The company, which has been around since 1991, noted in a blog post that it’s now “ready to broadcast on our own, while Activision will access their focus on owned IP projects.” While its official statements make it sound like an accordant break-up, Kotaku appear that the two firms have been going through a rough patch for a while now, owing to declining to meet Activision’s sales expectations, and Bungie tiring of its publisher‘s demand for new titles or expansions every year.

For its part, Bungie has more agreeable in the works, and the game will abide to run on Blizzard‘s platform. In addition, it’s alive on an absolutely new title, but it hasn’t yet appear any capacity about that. The activity is accurate by a $100 actor advance from Chinese gaming firm NetEase.

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