There’s a new game on the border — but you have to be accommodating to buy a whole new animate to play it. The animate in catechism is the accessible Intellivision Amico, a retro plug-n-play that’s aback attractive like a much hotter article now that it has a new game to show for itself.

It’s a crossover I’d not yet anticipation of, but but one that makes sense in retrospect: franchise-resurrecting sequels and remasters with retro consoles. It’s a adorable aggregate of old and new that does more than just repackage old favorites on a bulky box that takes up one more slot in your TV’s inputs. will also be absolute to the Amico.

As I said when SEGA appear the Genesis HD, we’ve not yet had a good archetype of a retro animate other than Nintendo’s doing very well. The PS Archetypal had a host of other issues, but the C64 Mini’s botheration seemed to be just… lack of annihilation noteworthy. It’s just not attractive good for this trend, for all its merits as a part of the gaming lifecycle. Unless Nintendo comes out with that Game Boy Archetypal we heard rumors about, I can see retro consoles absolutely petering out.

But if you bundle a new game with the Intellivision Amico, you’re more likely to allure a larger group of abeyant buyers. At the very least, you’re accretion your niche from just “those who remember/are absorbed in the Intellivision” to “those who want to play another game.” Given that is a cult classic, I wouldn’t be afraid if it decidedly boosts the sales of the Amico — heck, I might even accede accepting one.

This also isn’t the only “modern” accession to the bequest console. According to Intellivision, the Amico will come with Bluetooth touchscreen controllers, an online store, and an accomplishment system. It’s not the first aggregation to try marrying the old and the new this way: Atari is attempting article agnate with the VCS, alms an online store and access to alive services. But the Amico is the first so far with an absolute game to show for it, and that might make all the difference.

The other games on the Amico are old favorites, such as , , and . Each game will cost amid $2.99 and $7.99, while the animate itself will cost amid $149 and $179. The Amico launches on October 10, 2020.

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