Apple today apparent its new iOS 13 at its developer conference. While there are tons of agitative appearance like dark mode and the new photos app, the aggregation has alien a bunch of appearance accurately for India.

The new adaptation of iOS will bring abutment for all 22 official Indian languages. Plus, you can specify during the setup if you speak more than one languages, and the phone will tune keyboard, dictation languages, and adopted languages accordingly. 

Apple has also alien a romanized Hindi and English bilingual keyboard that supports predictive text. What’s more, iOS 13 also has a Hindi keyboard in Devnagri script that also supports typing suggestions. This is a big deal for Hindi-speaking iPhone users in India. The aggregation has also alien system level fonts for four languages: Gurmukhi, Kannada, Odia, and Gujarati.

iOS 13 also brings new Indian male and female voices for Siri that sounds more natural. Plus, it adds download access for apps like Netflix when you use data to download content.

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