Apple appear the public beta versions of its new operating systems iOS 13, iPadOS, WatchOS 6, macOS Catalina, and tvOS 13. These versions might have some bugs and niggles, but if you’re analytical like me, you’ll want to install them and check out the new appearance for yourself.

In this article, we have a short and simple guide for you to install the new macOS Catalina. Please make sure you create a backup of your system before installing the public beta.

If you’ve already enrolled in the beta affairs for macOS, you can just head to update to install the beta version.

Here’s the full step-by-step action for installing macOS Catalina:

  • Head to Apple’s beta software affairs website on your Mac.
  • Click on on the top right.
  • Select MacOS on the next page, and scroll down to the section.
  • Click on  button to download the DMG file for configuration.
  • Install the DMG file, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve completed enrollment, System Preferences will open automatically, and prompt you to download the new version.

MacOS Catalina is bringing some advancing appearance to the fore. It’s killing iTunes, and replacing it with three apps: Apple Music, Podcats, and TV. And when you affix your iPhone to the Mac, it’ll show up anon in Finder.

The new update will also let you use an iPad as a second display, thanks to ‘Project Sidecar.’ You can also use an Apple Pencil to point and click like a mouse. You won’t need to install the new adaptation of iPadOS to use this feature.

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