Celebrating the 20th ceremony of , Microsoft appear that a Definitive Edition of the game will launch on November 14 for Windows PCs.

The Xbox owner made the advertisement at Gamescom 2019 event in Germany yesterday. The game was originally appointed for an October release.

The adapted adaptation of the accepted real-time action game will accommodate four aboriginal civilizations, three new campaigns, and add abutment for 4K HD graphics. When it releases, it will be accessible on Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Steam.

That’s not all. The aggregation is also making accessible the aboriginal — appear last year — on all above platforms for $19.99.

In addition, brings abutment for “cross-network” play amid Windows 10 (Microsoft Store) and Steam platforms.

So, if you already own the game in your Windows Store game library, you’ll need to download a free, aboriginal client that will port all your absolute game saves, progress, and apart achievements. Yet, some stuff will not be transferred, such as ELO ratings and advance on partially-completed achievements.

As of today, the old client is no longer accessible on the Store, finer acceptation anyone buying the game going advanced will “automatically download and accept the new client.”