Amazon is reportedly alive on dispatch up checkouts at its physical stores by using your hand as a form of identification.

According to a the New York Post, the retail giant is said to be agilely testing new scanners that can analyze human hands to make a store purchase. The aggregation intends to roll out the acquittal technology at its Whole Foods bazaar chain starting next year.

“While a approved card transaction about takes amid three and four seconds, Amazon‘s new technology can action the charge in less than 300 milliseconds,” it reported.

The system — aptly code-named “Orville” and advised for Prime subscribers — is being currently trialed by Amazon advisers at its New York City offices, using it to buy sodas, chips, and granola bars from automat machines.

The key aberration is that the biometric sensors are unlike the ones you see on iPhones, acceptation you won’t have to physically touch your hand on the scanner. Instead, it leverages computer vision and depth geometry to action and analyze the shape and size of each hand as it hovers above the sensor.

An Amazon backer beneath to animadversion on the development, saying, “We don’t animadversion on rumors or speculation.”

As these abstracts often go, this is not the first time the aggregation has tried to reinvent the wheel.

Amazon‘s cashierless “Go” accessibility stores — which is accustomed in 18 locations across the US — already speeds up the checkout action by swapping the human accountant for a phone app to check in at a turnstile, as cameras and weight sensors around the store track the items picked by barter off the shelves.

Microsoft, likewise, has partnered with Kroger and Walmart for affected hi-tech grocery pilots advised to guide shoppers to find items on their arcade lists, and serve recommendations and targeted ads based on their demographics and arcade habits.

But afterward state government laws to ban cashless stores — for affidavit that they discriminate adjoin people from lower-income backgrounds, and barter who don’t have bank accounts, cards or smartphones — Amazon said beforehand this year it’d start accepting cash at its Go stores.

With this new tech, however, you wouldn’t even have to bring your phone with you. What’s more, by seamlessly amalgam payments with the arcade experience, the band-aid could incentivize shoppers to spend more when they visit its retail locations.

On the other hand, it also appears to be a band-aid in search of a problem. The tech is no doubt impressive, and absolutely more secure than using your passwords. Even then, it’s hard to deny that it’s addition avenue for Amazon to get hold of biometric data of millions of US consumers.

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