Apple today appear the Apple Watch Series 5, featuring an always on affectation and antic an array of admirable new finishes. It’s accessible for pre-order starting today.

The Apple Watch packs new hardware, including an Always On retina display. Users will be able to see their watch faces after adopting their wrists or borer the device — though, according to Apple, the screen will be dimmed when the user’s wrist is down. Reportedly, this won’t affect array life — the Series 5 will still have almost 18 hours of battery.

The phone will also have new software, including all-embracing emergency calling, which works with congenital fall apprehension to alert authorities should you ever take a tumble. The Series 5 will also have a congenital ambit that shows breadth and longitude, inclination, and acclivity in accession to heading. Apple also defined that the new Apple Watch does, in fact, tell time.


In terms of fashion, the Series 5 will have more case colors than antecedent generations, including a spiffy titanium and a aboriginal white ceramic. The Series 5 will also have a range of new bands, including sporty Nike bands and the bougie Hermes bands.

Apple led into the advertisement by touting the health allowances of the Apple Watch. The reveal opened with a series of interviews with people who’d had austere medical problems or injuries detected through the tech in their Watches.


Building on that, Apple appear it’d be ablution three new analysis studies, for hearing, women’s health, and hearth and movement. Anyone who wants to participate in the analysis study may do so through the Apple Analysis app — the aggregation was quick to point out it won’t have access to any of the users’ information.

GPS models start at $399 — $499 for GPS and cellular — and you’ll be able to pre-order them starting today. They’ll be accessible in stores on September 20.

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