Nintendo afresh filed a patent for Joy-Con that can bend, acceptation the Switch’s alarming little sticks might assuredly become a little more adjustable — though that’s allegedly not the advance Joy-Con drift sufferers were hoping for.

The patent, spotted by , shows Joy-Con with a hinge just under where your thumb would artlessly sit that allows the device to bend backwards. They work both absorbed to the Switch and detached, according to the patent. Nintendo filed a agnate patent in Japan last year.


They don’t necessarily look like article Nintendo would sell as accepted accessories on Switches — they might make it hard to fit the handheld in the dock. But I can absolutely see them being a niche artefact for users who need a more ergonomic ambassador than the accepted Joy-Con — conceivably addition with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Honestly, I’m for it. One of the problems I’ve always had with assertive Nintendo controllers — SNES, Wii, Wii U, Switch — is that aren’t allegedly advised with hand abundance in mind. Whatever praises you can sing about the 3DS, for example, it wasn’t absolutely advised to fit snugly in a pair of palms. I’m still young and nimble, and even my fingers occasionally get numb using accepted Joy-Cons.

But beyond the applications on ergonomics, there’s addition abeyant benefit: namely, that rubber ring thing Nintendo teased last week. This ring is allegedly advised to bend pretty far to allow users to work out their fettle needs. I do wonder if article with a little more give than the accepted Joy-Con would work better with this device. We’ll know more once Nintendo assuredly lets us in on the secret later this week.

All that being said, Nintendo still has bigger problems with the Joy-Con than its inflexibility. It’s still facing a class action accusation over the issue of Joy-Con drift, which plagues a large swath of Nintendo Switch players. No one’s been able to definitively point to a reason for the afloat controllers’ credible degradation, but the accepted accord (and the courage of the lawsuit) is a accomplishment defect Nintendo either failed to notice or correct.

This has been a decidedly sharp afraid point after the reveal of the Switch Lite. This smaller, more carriageable adaptation of the Switch does not have advertisement Joy-Con. This means, if you have a botheration with drift, you can’t simply get a new pair as you can with the aboriginal model.

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