Apple today captivated up its September event today with a few words about its new retail initiatives, including a trade-in affairs that should help users alteration to the new iPhone 11.

Apple appear that, alongside the launch of the new iPhone models, it will be alms a new trade-in affairs acceptance those who want to advancement to pay in account installments. Depending one which old device you trade in, you could get the new iPhone 11 — approved price $699 — for $399, or $17 paid in account installments. The iPhone 11 Pro would go from $999 to $599 or $25 a month, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (wow, that’s a mouthful) would go from $1099 to $699 or $29 a month.

This is no doubt part of Apple’s efforts to make the aggregation more sustainable, which it also subtly touted during the presentation. It’s also a way of bringing in users who might be leery about making such an big-ticket incremental upgrade. When you bring your old accessories to an Apple store, you’ll either be given store credit or an Apple gift card, both of which can count appear the purchase. The account payments will be accessible in “select countries.”

There was good news for Apple Watch barter as well: one of the things they’ll now be able to do in Apple Stores is adapt their watches when they buy them. Apple alien the Watch Studio, a affairs by which barter could select their own Watch cases and bands.

Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior VP of Retail People, boasted of there being over 1,000 altered combinations, and I accept her. When the aggregation appear the new Series 5 Watch, it also showed off two new case finishes: sleek bowl white and brushed titanium. Add to that a deluge of new band colors and styles, and I have no adversity assertive there are 1,000 unique Apple Watches to be made.

As a final bit of good news, O’Brien said the Apple store on 5th avenue would be reopened. While this has been a fact for a while — the renovated store with its new irised glass is rather hard to miss — but O’Brien said the store would clearly reopen on September 20.