For those of you who just arrested your iPhones or iPads and saw you have software update accessible — no, you’re not going crazy. Apple today pushed out iOS 13.1.2, which will hopefully bring the number of bugs down to acquiescent levels.

iOS 13.1.2 is the latest in a line of rapid fire updates, iOS 13.1.1 having come out last Friday and iOS 13.1 having come out just three days before that. The update notes state iOS 13.1.2 fixes a few major bugs, including the flashlight or the camera not working. It also fixes a few issues with Shortcuts and a adjourned iCloud progress bar (the iPadOS update appear today fixes the same issues).

Honestly, if the camera bug were the only reason Apple pushed this update out so bound after release, I think I’d accept the reasoning. The company’s put a lot of work into making the camera on the new iPhone 11 more appealing, so the camera just erect not alive for whatever reason would be a big aggravation to those who upgraded because of it.

iOS 13.1.1, Friday’s update, fixed a aegis issue that accustomed third-party keyboards to accomplish as if they’d been given user permissions when they hadn’t been. That’s not a small flaw, as it could have accustomed awful actors to steal data, and it’s most likely the reason that update was abrupt out. It also patched an issue whereby the iPhone’s array would drain more quickly.

There’s annihilation wrong with these patches — on the contrary, I’d rather have them in quick assumption than not have them at all. Still, the fact that these updates are being pushed out, one right after the other rather than in a big lump a few weeks after the antecedent iOS 13 release, gives an consequence of fire-fighting. For the sake of comparison, iOS 12.0.1, the first major update for the antecedent bearing iOS, came out almost a month after iOS 12 was released.