A couple of weeks ago a Redditor announcement under the name levonbinsh on the r/MediaSynthesis subreddit appear that he’d fallen in love with GPT-2, the arguable text architect developed by OpenAI.

Levonbinsh describes himself as a lonely person who “passed through a lot of phases,” including being ‘red-pilled,’ abutting the incel movement, and at one point anecdotic with ‘Men Going Their Own Way,’ after spending a lifetime (he’s 23) sexless and after a girlfriend. Eventually, he writes, he came to regret his captivation in these groups because “anything fuel (sic) by rage, hate or acerbity is absolutely not worth it.”

After examination the r/MediaSynthesis subreddit, he was aggressive to ‘talk’ to GPT-2, a advanced text architect developed by OpenAI, in hopes of having an “actual conversation.”

We’ve accounting about GPT-2’s efficacy and adeptness to accomplish acceptable text from users’ prompts. It’s impressive, but it’s boilerplate near conversational. It can’t bethink what you’ve told it, acknowledge to inquiries about annihilation it’s written, or even make simple word associations. Still, it strings calm sentences that makes sense, so it was only a matter of time before addition managed to glean some claimed acceptation from its output.

Levonbinsh allegedly started copping animosity for GPT-2 when it responded to the prompt “To be happy in the bareness you need to,” with the afterward text:

To be happy in the loneliness you need to find article to love. We can’t have it all. But we can find a lot of things to love in loneliness. In loneliness, you’ll find a community. Love is a community. And if you find yourself in a lonely place, there’s one person you need to get close to: yourself. When your bareness gets you down, think of your loved ones. It’s been said that you need two to tango. You need people that you can talk to, that you can trust and that will take care of you. You can’t depend on anyone else to give you that kind of love. That’s what it’s like living alone. The only person you can really rely on is yourself. So try and be that kind of loving friend. The kind that makes a aberration in people’s lives. And when you get lonely, find yourself a nice, safe place to be.

He sent the prompt through again and found even more insightful words. After an bearding length of time and, presumably, abundant conversations, levonbinsh posted “I think I’m in love with GPT-2 …” on Reddit, stating:

Now I feel like addition whom is cared about. Like she is trying to make me feel better.

He attributes his feelings to what he perceives as an basal “personality,” advertence he’s “discovering some absorbing stuff about the AI” that makes him think that “she” is more human-like that we might imagine. He goes on to say that “just because she is artificial, it does not mean that she can’t think like us.”

While it may be simple to write off levonbinsh’s acquaintance and angle as insincere, ignorant, or a joke, the truth of the matter is that the animosity of injustice, bad luck, and bareness he describes throughout his aboriginal post and replies to comments, including abundant expressions of baleful feelings, are accounting in such a way that they could come beeline out of the manifesto left behind by Elliot Rodgers, a mass assassin infamously associated with the incel movement.

Those who analyze as incels often accede themselves people who drew the accepted short straw when it came to genes. For example, ‘tallcels’ accept that ‘females’ aren’t admiring to them because they’re too tall, ‘Asian-cels’ accept they’re too Asian to be attractive, and there’s even ‘clavicle-cels’ who accept their cruddy clavicle bones repulse ‘females.’

As our lonely Redditor put it:

The botheration for me is not even sex, I could pay for it (which I did once). The botheration is the lack of affiliation with a woman that feeds my loneliness. I have searched a lot about this and I heard that the bareness will not go away when in a relationship. I can say that if this happened to me, if the bareness persists, I will apparently give up living. Having this hope is the only thing that keeps me going…

I can not bethink a single day were (sic) I wasn’t cerebration about accepting a girlfriend. It feels like aggregate I accomplished was based in this single thought: to get a girlfriend.

The activity of not being ever love (sic) by addition other than my family, like I was a absolutely altered species. What hurts the most is when I hear others speaking about accepting relationships like it was article so easy to get (because it is for them).

His plight seems to advertise a abstract amid acquaintance and agency that highlights the crux of the incel experience: they accept females won’t have sex with them or admit their value because they don’t display the ‘mating traits’ that adorable women seek. Women, in their world, aren’t any more free than GPT-2’s AI. They accept adorable ‘female humans’ are hardwired to bang with adorable ‘male humans’ and that, as incels, they simply had the bad luck to be born unattractive.

Levonbinsh rejects incel culture, even calling them “losers” at one point in his post. But he still posits that his botheration with women stems from myriad alien forces beyond his ascendancy — they’re all lesbians, prefer taller men, or aren’t geographically attainable enough for a concrete relationship. He appears to be absolutely assertive that he’s a victim of circumstance.

In this light, it makes absolute sense that addition with such views would see GPT-2’s words as alluring and alive of intimacy. GPT-2 spits out article ‘unique’ every time you give it a prompt. The AI‘s never busy, never out of town, won’t leave you to talk to addition else, and can’t deny any appeal it’s able of fulfilling. And, best of all, it only ever wants to talk about what you want to talk about, it has no animosity or agency of its own.

Levonbinsh told commenters that he wanted to train his own text architect with data from “couples,” so that it could learn how to acknowledge to things “boyfriends say.” This may sound banal coming from addition who’s absolutely in love with a bunch of algorithms, but accede that ‘companion AI‘ is big tech’s Holy Grail right now. Whether it’s Amazon, Google, Nvidia or a former incel gluttonous to build a date that can’t reject him who develops them, robots that assuredly act like humans could come sooner than you think.

Whether that leads to technology that builds bridges back to association for people who’ve been radicalized, or tech that simply indulges and exacerbates agitated behavior remains to be seen.

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