“I’ve got a soul that can’t sleep at night when article ain’t right.” These are the song lyrics to “Power of Equality” which is the first song on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s, advance album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The song goes on to abode racial injustice, white supremacy, and egoistic politicians. A few songs later, lead singer Anthony Kedis sings about his desire to have a lady acutely kiss him in the aptly titled song “Suck My Kiss.”

While The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are no Rage Adjoin the Machine, they do contain multitudes. If they can sing about America’s asperity only to later appeal a woman to suck a kiss — I think we can too. The wildly altered songs align altogether with the achievability that we don’t have to live in an either-or situation. We can choose to accede the ethical implications of our labor within a accumulated system whose goals focus on accretion actor value. We don’t have to choose amid living as about broke accumulated dregs or social amends advocates. We can be both! We can live calm in a aerial state of cerebral antagonism … I mean harmony, but it’ll take work.

Putting in the work can be annoying. It’s easy to be cynical. It’s easy to be lazy, and it’s hard enough ambidextrous with affairs and deadlines. But before I make the absolution on why you should put in the work, I should accede that I am a former social worker. I worked on the ground with low-income families for 12 years and then accustomed my master’s in social welfare.

Social workers see the impact of bad design and bad policies. They show up at their client’s homes to help them cross broken systems and apostle for change. It’s hard work, and there are moments where I’ve heard social workers say, “What is the point” or “I just want to get paid so I can go home, eat a claimed pizza and watch My So-Called Life reruns”…or maybe that’s just me.