A developer and YouTuber named Denis Shiryaev afresh used “several neural networks” to update a famous French short film from 1895 to make it appear as though it were shot on a modern phone.

Called “L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat,” the 50-second French short documentary shows a train accession at Ciotat train station. The film is famous for allegedly causing amphitheater goers at the time to panic out of fear the train would burst through the screen and crash into them. While this tale is abundantly absolved as little more than legend, it’s easy to brainstorm the impact such a visual would have had on addition who’d never seen a motion account before.

Shiryaev allegedly felt the archetypal masterpiece needed a modern update so they active what they refer to on Reddit as “several neural networks” to flush the film to 4K resolution at 60 fps. The result is unbelievable, if not a bit jarring:

The video’s also had sound added, which makes it all the more eerily… normal. It’s cryptic absolutely what neural networks Shiryaev used, but it’s likely the upscaling was done with GANs (generative adversarial networks) agnate to the kind that powers Deepfakes and Nvidia’s FaceGAN.

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The 4K adaptation of “Arrival of a Train” may lack the aged appeal of its archetypal antecedent but, aside from some arresting artifacts generated by the AI, it’s an accomplished reinterpretation and a attestation to the power of GANs to dispense video.

Experts warn that video abetment AI could be used for abominable purposes, but here we just have a really cool use-case where a clever developer’s managed to wow us all.

We’re still trying to reach out to Shiryaev to learn how he managed such a clean upscaling. We’ll update this commodity if we hear back.

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