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ve these tools from its app stores and the law to keep up with the advance of stalkerware. 

Eva Galperin, a cybersecurity expert whose analysis focus is stalkerware, afresh hosted a TNW Answers affair where she said: “There’s plenty of work to do for legislators, law enforcement, and tech companies [to fight stalkerware].

“However, law administration often lacks the training to accept these cases when they come to their attention, and attorneys accepted and the FTC often lack the will to hold users and companies answerable using the tools that they already have available. It’s easy to say ‘There ought to be a law,’ but I’d be happy just to see the laws we already have in place enforced.”

NortonLifeLock’s poll found that men are far more likely to agree that they don’t care if they are being stalked online by a accepted or former partner, as long as they’re not being stalked in person.

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