The first thing that comes to mind when we think of social platforms and matchmaking is usually dating apps, but the abeyant of matchmaking algorithms goes way beyond making claimed connections.

Sometimes all you’re attractive for is a developer with the right tech skills to get your fantasy activity off the ground, or addition who absolutely knows how to accumulate Ikea appliance (without duct tape), or a dog walker/whisperer who knows how to handle a Pomeranian with a Napoleon complex.

Social platforms and matchmaking algorithms are allowance us affix with people and casework that can help us reach new levels professionally, or simply advance our accustomed lives.

That’s why we’ve included this class of tech changers in this year’s Tech5 talent competition.

Tech5 2020: On the search for Europe’s hot young scaleups

Every year TNW and payments tech giant Adyen have been scouring the European tech scene for the fastest growing scaleups. The top five winners are then arrive to join Tech5 — an absolute arrangement of the best companies, investors, and experts from across the continent. This year’s winners will be appear at TNW’s Founders Day event in Amsterdam on June 17, 2020.

This year we’re absorption on the ways technology can help create change and have a absolute impact on the planet. The next group of startup finalists we want to highlight are those innovating in the category: Social platforms & matchmaking.

From allowance job seekers land their dream job to abutting parents with top notch babysitters, these hot young scaleups are our top picks.


Developers have code review, sales teams have coaching, but what about chump account teams? Despite being the alien face of your company, CS teams often lack regular feedback and development.

This is where Estonian Tech5 finalist, Klaus, steps in. Their belvedere combines the code review method and apprenticeship in one, acceptance you to review tickets and share acknowledgment on the categories you think are most important for your chump account assembly to focus on — be it tone, quality, grammar, etc. With this information, the tool automatically tracks trends and provides affection scores, enabling teams to set actionable growth metrics.

Today there is even more burden on businesses, not just to keep their barter happy, but also their employees. Polish startup, HCM Deck, is an all-in-one HR belvedere ready to equip companies with the appearance they need to keep their people engaged. From onboarding to association architecture to able development, the belvedere covers the entire agent adventure across your organization, abrogation no gaps behind.

While local governments may not absolutely be a business, they’re also amenable for affair the needs of their constituents. But, anyone who’s ever stood in line at a DMV, knows: government run institutions are often stuck in the dark ages of technology. Knowing all about the need for strong activity municipalities, Belgian backroom tech company, CitizenLab, came up with a way to assuredly bring local governments up to speed.

The company’s aborigine assurance belvedere allows them to reach a much broader base of constituents. Through surveys and polling, local governments can accumulated ideas anon from citizens and use the analytics affection to construe those insights into data driven decisions.

Job and talent search

Sometimes attractive for a new job feels like a job in itself. Sorting through job listings, appointment applications, and then bridge your fingers and arena the cat-and-mouse game. Instead, these startups are allowance affix job seekers with their dream job, minus the headache.

Austrian startup, JobRocker, is taking the hassle out of acutely amaranthine job searches. Instead of applying for each and every new job offer that comes up, all you have to do is upload your CV and share some info about the type of job you’re attractive for. Their matchmaking tech then takes over, scouring their database for the absolute fit. When a match is found, you’ll accept a job offer and be contacted anon by the JobRocker team.

Berlin-based JobLift is addition unique aspirant into the career search game. Cutting out the annoying action of going from job portal to portal, their belvedere uses AI and apparatus acquirements to accumulated job ads from assorted sources across the web. If you’re based in Germany and attractive for a new job, JobLift has you covered.

Estonian MeetFrank’s job aloof tool takes a new approach. Their belvedere is on a mission to adjust the jobs market by accouterment complete accuracy to jobs seekers. Instead of flirting around with numbers, their tool tells you absolutely which companies want to hire you and how much they’re accommodating to pay.

Speaking of dream jobs, Danish Tech5 finalist, Tonsser, is a belvedere that’s allowance accomplished football players advertise their skills to coaches and get on talent scouts’ radar. By afterlight scores from matches, users can analyze and advance their baronial adjoin other players. This contour then becomes a live portfolio that can be used to allure scouts and apply for absolute club trials.

Gig economy

What if you aren’t attractive for the acceptable nine-to-five workday? We saw the rise of the gig abridgement in the last few years with many people chief they want the adaptability to decide when, where, and how they want to work. Tech is allowance to propel this booming industry further.

Hungarian jobs platform, Talentuno, could very well fit under the job and talent search category. But, instead of being a acceptable business to talent jobs platform, the aggregation enlists the help of ‘matchmakers’ who can sign up and get paid for abutting talent in their arrangement to new jobs. Each time a agent uploads a CV, recommends a shortlisted applicant for a job, or facilitates a acknowledged job-candidate match, they get a commission.

Focusing on a absolutely altered demographic, French belvedere is allowance acceptance gain acquaintance and some extra cash on their schedule. These side gigs can be annihilation from alive as a part-time office administrator to hosting events. Operating in Paris, London, and Lyon, is allowance make some of the most big-ticket cities more affordable for students.

Are you a parent who can’t take addition Saturday night of watching Frozen? Belgian startup Bsit understands. This belvedere helps parents find their ideal babysitter. Through ratings, CV-style skill certificates, and a filter option that allows you to find babysitters according to language, appropriate skills, or hour flexibility, there’s a babysitter out there ready to meet your child’s every need.

Developed in the appearance basic of the world, Milan-based Boom Image Studio is an AI powered belvedere made accurately for photographers and businesses. It not only matches the right professionals to photoshoot projects, but also takes care of post assembly editing, branding, bills, and invoicing. This end-to-end photo shoot cycle allows creatives to focus on what’s really important: capturing arresting images.

Learning & development

It’s not just about advocacy our able lives. Social platforms are also allowance us learn, grow, and share our experiences.

Lithuanian BitDegree has come up with an absolutely new abstraction set to enable greater access to skill development. Their belvedere offers discounted online classes on the latest in-demand tech skills, from apparatus acquirements to Python. The key aberration is that it also offers ‘micro-scholarships’ to people who want to learn new tech skills but lack the banking means. It does this through a blockchain backed peer-to-peer donation system. Sponsors can review apprentice profiles and offer funding. Once a apprentice auspiciously completes a course, they’re sent a blockchain backed affidavit and the sponsor’s funds are released.

More great news for parents out there. What happens when your kid starts disturbing with their French homework… and all you can bethink are an array of (perfectly pronounced) swear words? Much like Bsit, Austrian born GoStudent is a belvedere where you can find top-rated tutors who will create an alone acquirements plan for your kid and teach them all those alienated aberrant verbs, alternate table… stuff, and (for the love of god) all the calculus they need to know.

Perhaps one of the coolest startups on the list, Dutch Tech5 finalist, Polarsteps is a travel app that’ll make you want to book a one way ticket to [insert dream area here]. The app automatically tracks your route, administration your locations in real time on a cool web-based map. You can then add photos and share with your jealous friends. The great part is, tracking continues to work offline, syncing again each time you hit a hotspot. And they can even make a travel book out of your adventure including routes, travel stats, and stories.

But let’s say you’re off on your globe trotting journey, piling up souvenirs along the way. Where are you going to store your stuff the next time you hit a new city? Danish startup LuggageHero has your back. Affix to the belvedere in over 35 cities common and find a trusted area to store your ever growing back pack and enjoy the city uninhibited.

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