Reddit today appear it’s rolling out a series of suicide blockage tools. The most important of them is a tool that would potentially get at-risk users the assets they need, in the form of an automatic bulletin that other users can send via Reddit‘s advertisement feature. To do this, Reddit‘s partnered with Crisis Text Line, a free text account for US-based users that offers abutment for those disturbing with mental health.

Once the tools roll out next week, then Reddit users anxious about addition user can flag them for abeyant self-harm. When they do, Reddit will ask if the advertisement user would like Reddit to “reach out” to the afflicted person. This is where the affiliation with Crisis Text Line comes in, as Reddit will reach out to the user to affix them with a advisor from that service.


Here are the instructions, according to Reddit:

  1. Report the specific post or animadversion that afraid you and select, Someone is because suicide or austere self-harm.

  2. Visit the person’s contour and select, Get them help and support. (If you’re using Reddit on the web, click More Options first.)

Reddit will then “put them in touch with Crisis Text Line’s accomplished Crisis Counselors… And because responding to addition who is because suicide or austere self-harm can bring up hard affections or may be triggering, Crisis Text Line is also accessible to people who are advertisement someone.”

At the moment, it falls to Reddit moderators to check up on users who have bidding adverse thoughts. For such a broad association — not to acknowledgment one that accurately creates spaces, such as r/depression or r/suicidewatch, for people who’re disturbing with mental health problems — it leaves a ample gap in which at-risk users can fall through the cracks. This could potentially help more users speak to people who can help them. In my opinion, if it helps even one person, it’ll have been worth it.

That said, one issue is that Crisis Text Line is currently bound to America, and Reddit is full of users who aren’t American. We’ve accomplished out to Reddit to know whether the account will still work for users who aren’t in the US.

We at TNW animate anybody to help and abutment each other where possible. If you or anyone you know is because suicide or experiencing acute animosity of all-overs or depression, please call the National Suicide Blockage Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. For a agnate helpline in your country, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention.